Thank you for your interest in working with me at MyGreenNest. I offer a variety of social media, graphic design, photography, video services, and more. I have helped many brands in this industry like WeeUrban, Buttons Cloth Diapers, Diaper Dawgs . . . just to name a few. I strive to help bring out what is unique and special about each brand, product, or service! Below you will find some information on my services along with some examples of my work. 

Reasons you will love working with me!

Social Media Marketing / Branding  

I can help you rock social media by writing great profile descriptions, posting awesome graphics/videos, and using several little-known tactics I have found along the way. I know how to work every major platform including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube, Twitter, Periscope, and more. I work by building relationships through social media rather than just posting about products or services.

I have helped several brands increase their online presence and brand awareness through various social media strategies. Every brand is different and has something unique to offer. I can help bring that out and highlight your best qualities as a brand.

My Experience

I have a bachelors degree in graphic design and experience promoting social media for various clients in the baby industry. I have worked with brands like WeeUrban, Diaper Dawgs, Boingo Baby, Buttons Cloth Diapers, and more. I have created several videos and graphics that have been used on other brands websites and retailer sites. I am a creator by heart with a sense of humor and I love working with people who are passionate.

Some of my skills Include:
Graphic Design – Adobe Photoshop
Product Photography
Understanding Of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Intermediate Video Editing Skills
Understanding of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Instagram, and Periscope marketing.
WordPress / Web Design, Specifically DiVi Theme (No Coding)
Email Marketing Through Mailchimp
Copy Writing / Blogging, Specifically Marketing & Sales

Interested in taking your brand to the next level but not exactly sure where to start? Contact me for a FREE 30 minute consultation. 

“Working with Ashley has been a delight! She is fun to work with, professional, dependable and prompt with creating videos and marketing material. We love the product videos she has made for us, and feel that they make our products look great. She pays attention to detail, listens to what you want, and creates professional videos with a personal feel. We recommend working with Ashley if you are looking for product videos, help with social media marketing, or branding.” Amy Wohlgemuth

Owner of Buttons Diapers

“I’m so thankful to Ashley from MyGreenNest for producing a top quality demo video for my product, Diaper Diamond. She was so thorough with the details and went out of her way to make sure that the video showed every aspect of my product. What I loved about working with Ashley is that she was truly interested in helping me increase my sales. She is very knowledgeable about social media and how it can help to grow your business and offered me suggestions that have been helping my website traffic and sales increase.” Bernadette Drew

Owner of Diaper Diamond

Sponsored Review Package!

Are you dying to increase your brand awareness and want a quality written review that puts your product in its best light? This package includes HD shots of your product, images and video of the product in action, and a 300-500 well-written blog post review. Complimentary background music and a beautiful video thumbnail image of your product(s) will be included. The video description will link to your product or website and will also be optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). Additional information about your product or service will be included in the video description. The video will be embedded in the blog post review which will also be optimized for SEO.

Your video will be upload to my YouTube channel “MyGreenNest” Where I receive a minimum of 8K views a month. The video & blog post link will be given to you to embed or share as you please. I will also promote your sponsored post / video on all of my social media channels which include Pinterest, Google+, Periscope, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

*$150.00 for a sponsored video / post. 

*Reviews are honest of pros and cons

Click the images below to view past examples of my sponsored blog review packages!

More Details About The Review Package!

$150.00 (+ Any additional Add-Ons) 
I accept payment via Pay-Pal through my email adw.painter{@} Payment for the sponsored package along with any additional add-ons will be due upfront. I work on all of my reviews in the order received and will keep you fully updated. If I am unfavorable to your product, I will issue a 100% refund. A sponsored video / blog review can take anywhere from one to three weeks to complete on average. (Some products require longer testing than others)

Product or Products are required.
If you are wanting me to review more than 2 items within the sponsored post, I will add a $25.00 fee per extra item. If you cover shipping, I will be more than happy to ship your product(s) back to you after the film. Your product or service must relate to my blog in order to be reviewed. 

You will get one chance to make small changes before completion. 
Once I finish editing the sponsored post, I will send you a preview for approval. This is your chance to make any last minute suggestions before I complete the project. I will work very closely with you to make sure I capture the “feel” of your product, brand, or service before I even begin filming or writing.

Blog Review Details 
In this package, The blog review portion will be at least 300-500 words and will be optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). I am very thorough in my reviews and will optimize your post with searchable keywords. Your blog review will include high-quality, *pinnable* images of your product. Your basic video will also be included in the post so that your audience can get a good visual of how your product or service works. You can also include an exclusive discount code that will help to land you more sales. I do not link back to any websites but I will mention your website or discount code. Your sponsored post will be shared on all of my social media accounts, including my email list.

Here is an example of a sponsored post I have done before. SNAPPI REVIEW. 

Sponsored Video Details
Your sponsored video will include HD close-up shots of your product or products. This will help my readers to better visualize what they will receive if they are to purchase one of your products. Your video will include soft background music, a customized thumbnail image, and will link back to your website or product page in the description. The video description will include a little extra information about your brand or product, link back to your product or website, and optimized for SEO. Your video will be uploaded to my channel, where I receive about 8K views a month and embedded into your sponsored blog post. You will be given the video link to promote on your own social channels or embed on your website. The sponsored video is NOT a review, it will simply highlight the product in action. I use video as a tool to bring my readers over to my blog. Here is an example of a sponsored video.

Here is an example of a sponsored video I did for BUTT PASTE / BABY BUM BRUSH and one I did for HIPPO KISSES. 


Giveaway Fee ($10.00 – Basic)
If you decide to include a basic giveaway, I will promote the giveaway by asking my readers to comment on the post and to share on Facebook or Pinterest. You will be responsible for shipping the product out within a timely manner and if it will be open to the US, US + Canada, or International. If you are wanting a more complex giveaway, I will have to adjust the giveaway fee accordingly. There are many different ways to do giveaways, so just email me if you want to discuss this further.

Facebook or Pinterest Promotion Fee ($10.00-30.00+)
These days Facebook likes to limit the amount of followers that will actually see your post. I will be more than happy to promote the post on Facebook / Instagram or on Pinterest so that you will better reach your target audience!

Turnaround Time

I do all of my reviews in the order that I receive them. Once I begin your review, you can expect it to be completed in one to three weeks. I will keep you updated on the status of your review and when it will be posted so that you can share it.

If you made it this far I am impressed. I think I will like working with you! 😉

Still interested? Apply to reserve your spot! You can also email me if you have additional questions at 

The pricing and fees of my video / blog services are based from my experience, time, blog / YouTube traffic, and equipment cost. I have invested in over 2K in equipment, software, training, and audio/video subscriptions in order to create professional grade product videos. 


I’d love to get my product reviewed!

Product Photography

Did you know that people remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read? Having great product photography can set you a part from the crowd and make your brand shine! Let me capture your product by showing it off in its best light. I use a DSLR camera along with professional grade photography lighting and edit everything in Adobe Photoshop. I can prepare images that will rock your website, amazon, social media sites, or Etsy account!

$60.00 (Includes 3 Product Images)

Product Photography Details Here!


$60.00 Includes 3 images (Each additional image is $25.00)
I accept payment via Pay-Pal through my email adw.painter{@} Payment for your product photography along with any additional add-ons will be due upfront. I work on all projects in the order received and will keep you fully updated. If you are unfavorable to the finished photography in any way, I will issue a full refund.

Product or Products are required.
Your product is required for me to create images. If you cover shipping, I will be more than happy to ship your product(s) back to you after the film.

Cut-Out, Different Background $5.00 Per Image  
Having a clean white background is usually necessary for Amazon product images. For an additional $5.00 fee per image, I can cut out the product and include a white or another colored background. I can also add logos to your images if you provide me with a high-resolution logo (preferably png).

Turnaround Time

Once I receive payment and your product, you should expect to have your new images in about one to two weeks. I will email them to you via TransferBigFiles or DropBox. I can email any file type you need such as jpg, png, psd, or pdf.

Email me if you have questions and want to get your new & professional images! 

Click on one of the images to view in a larger size. 

Freelance Graphic Design

Finding out what is unique about a brand and bringing that out is part of what I do. I can do basic graphic design projects like creating custom Pinterest boards, Youtube Channel art, Facebook cover art, and more. Having all of your social media accounts looking professional will help you to stand out and establish trust with your followers.

Graphic Design Freelance Rate: $40.00 an hour

Click the image slider to view larger.

If you are interested in any of the services above or have any questions, feel free to contact me at Ashley{at} Thank You!

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