This post is sponsored and contains affiliate links. The opinions are completely my own and I wouldn’t promote a product I didn’t believe in.  If you are a new mom and have a milk supply that could float the ark, you may need a little extra padding to get you through the night. A very nice woman who runs a small business reached out to me a month or so ago to do a review on her reusable nursing pads and wet bag. It was actually perfect timing because I was about to give birth to my second son and would be able to give a thorough review. Her brand is called WM NURSING PADS and she will be running a special for my Nesties (you awesome readers) starting this May. It will run from the 1st to the 15th of 2017 where you can grab 3 pairs of these super soakers for $9.50! You will also get a little adorable wet bag to put them in. 🙂 Without further ado, let’s get into the nitty gritty … aka my review! 

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W M Nursing Pads Review 


So I am not going to lie, my first thought when I opened up the package was that the WM nursing pads were too big and thick. They are larger than my other nursing pads that I own. I figured they would be mainly for women who had bigger breasts or a lot of milk supply. With my first son, I struggled to keep my breastmilk supply up and didn’t go through as many nursing pads. After I had Abram, it was like the rivers started flowing freely! I found myself grabbing for these bad boys almost every night. Last night I even soaked through my Bamboobies overnight pads and had a large wet spot on my sheets. The joys of breastfeeding…

The WM Nursing Pads are made up of four layers of organic bamboo/cotton and can be used on both sides. One side has more of an athletic breathing material and is the side I prefer to wear them on. I was concerned that these pads would leak through since they didn’t have a waterproof backing like my Bamboobie pads had. I was surprised to find that they kept my breastmilk contained without getting on my bra since they were so thick. I do like the fact that they are completely breathable and organic. However, I did not see that they were certified organic so I would like to see that to be 100% sure. The shape of the nursing pads come in a tear-drop which I found to be fairly unique. They are shaped this way to completely cover your breast so you don’t have leaks. These nursing pads all come in the color white which I prefer. I like my nursing pads to be light or nude in color so they don’t show through my bra or shirt. I also like that you not only get 3 pairs of reusable nursing pads but you also get a little chevron wet bag to tote them in. The bag is very cute, waterproof, and can be used to store cloth pads or other things in as well when you are done with breastfeeding. I plan to use it for cloth pads myself as it is the perfect size to fit into a purse.

My Final Thoughts

If I had to find something that could be improved I would like to see these pads made locally rather than in China. I realize that would drive up the costs but I prefer to support local businesses. However, I do like that it’s a small business and the product is eco-friendly in nature and organic. It would be nice to have more options of prints to choose from when it came to the wet bag as well.

I think the WM Nursing Pads are great for overnight use or if you are a super soaker. You can wear them in the day but they will be a little bit bulkier compared to thinner nursing pads. Overall, I found the product to work very well for me and I may have to nab up a few more of them.


WM Nursing Pads

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