Post may contain affiliate links. Spray Pal or Diaper Diamond? In this short video I compare the pros & cons of the Spray Pal and the Diaper Diamond spray shields. They are both cloth diapering accessories that help to contain water and fecal matter inside of your toilet bowl where it belongs!


The Diaper Diamond is a spray shield that is compatible with any diaper sprayer and responsibly made in China. It is used to keep water droplets and fecal matter within the toilet bowl where it belongs. The Diamond eases the chore of cloth diapering by allowing you to easily spray the poo off without worrying about making a bigger mess. The Diaper Diamond was created by Bernadette Drew. Her patent was issued in May of 2013 and manufacturing was finished in February of 2015. Bernadette holds the first patent for the spray shield design. Her diamond originally featured four clips which where then changed to slits that help to secure the gussets. The diaper diamond is the only spray shield on the market that pulls the gussets taught so you can get the completely clean without using your hands. It’s a little smaller compared to the Spray Pal and folds out flat and can hang behind your toilet.


Spray Pal was released on the market in August 2011 and has become one of the more popular spray shields. Some of the profit even goes to charity. The Spray Pal is partially made in the U.S. and is owned by Jen Aprea. The Spray Pal features a large clip for securing your diapers along with collapsable sides that snap together. You can store your pal in a wet bag that they offer or next to your toilet in a bucket.


Out of the two I personally prefer the Diaper Diamond because of your option to stretch the gussets for deep cleaning. I also like the smaller size and the fact that it only has two snaps instead of three like the Spray Pal. I would prefer it even more if it also included a clip like the Spray Pal however, you can add a kitchen clip to the Diaper Diamond if you want. I am not fond of the Spray Pal clip because it sticks out, making it harder to slip a diaper underneath. I think the Spray Pal is just a little bit big to keep out and assembled. I do like the fact that you can fold it up and tote it around in its complimentary wet bag (Sold Separately). The wet bag itself is durable and nicely designed but it would be even better if it hung from the center instead of the side so you avoid a tilt. For this reason I use the Spray Pals wet bag for diapers instead of storing the Spray Pal.


You do not need a spray shield to cloth diaper however they can be extremely convenient and take a lot of the work out cleaning your diapers. You can use a spray shield with flats, prefolds, and soiled baby/toddler clothes!

Check out my affiliate link image if you are interested in trying the Diaper Diamond spray shield! 


If your child is 100% breastfed you don’t have to spray your diapers you can dump them straight into the wash. Breastfed poo is 100% water soluble but after the 6 month period when your baby gets on solids, you will need to discard most of the poo before you stick the diaper in the wash. I prefer to spray my cloth diapers the entire time because it keeps your diaper pail from stinking and prevents stains. The Diaper Diamond is fantastic because it stretches out those gussets and gets everything spotless!

Spray Pal

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