When you think about cloth diapering you may think of a giant sheet on a baby secured by safety pins and rubber waterproof pants. Cloth diapering has greatly evolved in the last few years and now we have great diaper fasteners that are much easier to use than safety pins. They now offer Snappies and Boingos that make cloth diapering a little more fun while adding a pop of color. I will dive into the differences of each fastener so you can better decide what is best for you if you are thinking of using cloth diapers!




* The Snappi Diaper Fastener secures from three sections of the diaper.  

* Snappies are stretchy and have tabs you can use to stretch on each side when securing the diaper. 

* They have protective covers that you can use over the combs while not in use. 

* Snappi has released a few new colors, and now come in two sizes!  


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* You only have to purchase one set. They are a “one size fits all”  type of option.  

*Boingos come with a three month warranty and you can sanitize them by boiling for three minutes. 

* You can extend the use of your prefolds by using these when your snappi will no longer reach.  

*Boingos come in a lot of funky colors which include glow in the dark, glitter, and the new Solid Gold color! 

A quick video highlighting the differences between the Snappi & Boingo. The Snappi and Boingo are an alternative to using safety pins with your prefolds or fitted cloth diapers.

The Snappi was created in South Africa by a father who was tired of dealing with safety pins. Snappi’s are made of 100% degradable materials and stretch easily to secure the diaper. 

The Boingo was created by a mother of 7 children (Stacee Magee) who diapered for over 16 years! You can use the Boingo on prefolds that are almost too small extending the use of them. They are also great for newborns that have a small waste. Both diaper fasteners have their place and advantages.

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