Post may contain affiliate links. Are you in the market for safe sippy cups and trying to avoid plastic? In this video review, I will go over all of the pros and cons of my three favorite safe sippy cups which include; Green Sprouts Glass Sip & Straw, Klean Kanteen Sippy Cup, and Greens Steel 10oz Stainless Steel cups with Boon silicone sippy lids. Plastics can be hazardous to our health as they can contain harmful chemicals like BPA. Why not makes the switch to more sustainable and eco-friendly sippy cups?

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The Green Sprouts sippy cup is a fantastic training sippy for when baby is first transitioning from a bottle. It also includes a straw option.

Klean Kanteen sippy cups are perfect for traveling as they fit nicely in your diaper bag and come with a cover. They also can be used for kids if you change the lid out.

Greens Steel stainless cups are great for toddlers, kids, and adults as they have a timeless look. You can even put smoothies and ice cream in them!

Boon silicone sippy lids are the perfect addition to your Greens Steel cups as they are non-toxic, easy to use, and spill proof. They also have a straw version available.

Why Look For Safe Sippy Cups?

The main reason you may want to look for alternatives to plastic sippy cups are because of the chemicals that can leach into your drink. Glass and stainless steel are tried and true as far as safety goes, even with their drawbacks. BPA is one of the bad chemicals you will want to avoid but sadly there are estrogen mimickers found in BPA-free plastics too. Silicone is another great option because it is soft and non-toxic. There hasn’t been a ton of studies on it yet, so I would like to see more research on its safety. I would still prefer silicone toppers over plastic any day. Latex is another good alternative to plastic but some children are allergic to it so it may be harder to find. Even though stainless steel is one of the safest materials, you will want to be careful not to put too many acidic drinks or heat up the sippy. If stainless steel is heated, it can leach heavy metals into your drink. Normally, heating is not an issue. I like to use glass if I am going to serve juice or warm milk. Each material has its pros and cons which is why I like to have a little variety when choosing what I want to serve.

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Safe Sippy Cups

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