Post may contain affiliate links. In this hilarious but honest post, I open up about the good, the bad, and the ugly in cloth diapering! Are you cloth curious but intimidated by the idea of dealing with poop? As parents weather or not you choose cloth, you will automatically be enrolled into the PPP club. You will probably at some point be pooped, peed, and puked on! Cloth diapering isn’t hard and there are lots of tools and accessories that you can use to make the journey easier. I created this video series with the inexperienced cloth mom in mind. In this first video we focus more on poop avoidance accessories for your cloth diapers and I will show you what “crappy” products I use religiously! 

Cloth Diapering
Cloth Diapering

Is dealing with the poo hard?

I’d say about 90% of the time it’s like washing dishes or making your bed, It becomes just another part of your routine. You get used to doing an extra load of diapers and spraying them off. If you have never cloth diapered before you imagine it’s going to be very, very difficult … but it’s not. I remember thinking how hard it would be and wondering if I’d be able to stick with it. I kept a huge stack of disposables around “just in case.” I discovered cloth diapering wasn’t that bad after all and I started looking forward to diaper changes. I haven’t even touched my disposables since my first batch of fluff mail arrived. I honestly think it is the change that scares most people out of using cloth.

What was your biggest poop disaster?

I’ve had quite a few of these lol! I think we all do as parents from time to time. One of my sons most recent incidents was his hook and loop (Velcro) diaper coming undone and him dropping little “nuggets” all over the floor for mommy to clean up. I grabbed him up and took off running to the changing table, desperate to get him clean. more of it was falling out as I ran! I ended up using my Diaper Dawgs finger guards to pick up the little “happy trail.” Then I grabbed my swiffer and mopped that floor like crazy!

I’ll be honest, cloth diapering isn’t rosy all of the time. Once in a while your child unleashes the poo apocalypse on your diaper! And sometimes spraying it all off can be a pain, especially if it’s in that peanut butter stage. In those moments where I want to run for my life I remember how much money I’m saving and it gives me the strength to go on….

My child doesn’t poo everyday and most of the time his poo is easy to clean off. I’ll take 5 minutes to spray a stubborn poo over running to town to get more diapers and spending more money!

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Ever Get Sick Of Spraying Diapers?

A nice little break from changing diapers every now and then doesn’t hurt. I must be weird because I actually enjoy changing my sons diaper most of the time. I’m not big on morning person so the morning diaper change is my least favorite one.

Why Do I Need To Spray?

If your child is 100% breastfed you don’t have to spray your diapers you can dump them straight into the wash. Breastfed poop is 100% water soluble. But after the 6 month period when your baby gets on solids you will need to discard most of the poo before you stick it into the wash. I prefer to spray my cloth diapers the entire time because it keeps your diaper pail from stinking and prevents stains.

Do I Need A Spray Shield?

You do not need a spray shield to cloth diaper however they can be extremely convenient and takes a lot of the work out cleaning your diapers. You can use spray shields with flats, prefolds and soiled baby/toddler clothes. We are going to the different kinds of spray shields  in more detail in the next post!

Cloth Diapering

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Cloth Diapering

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