Let’s face it, Cloth Diapering wouldn’t be the same without our beloved accessories. They help to simplify our lives and best of all, most of these are 15 bucks or less. Having the right accessories will help make cloth diapering EASY!

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1. Spray Bottle

Cloth Diaper Accessories

Awe the good ol’ multi-purpose spray bottle. I used to keep one of these at my changing station and in my diaper bag to spray my cloth wipes. You can make a fancy-smanshy homemade solution or just fill it with plain water.

You can also keep your wipes pre-moistened in a wipes warmer but you have to be careful about mold growth.

Pro Tip: Fill another spray bottle with a vinegar/water solution to wipe things down in your nursery when needed. It’s cheap and non-tox, win-win! 😛

For around a buck a piece, spray bottles are nice to have.

2. Disposable Diaper Liners

Cloth Diaper Accessories

If you’re traveling or have an idea when your baby needs to “go,” just slap one of these babies on top of the diaper. When they do their business all you have to do is plop it in the toilet or trash it. You won’t have to spray your diaper off, making traveling much easier.

I wouldn’t suggest these for 100% breastfed babies because the poo runs straight through them. The liners are the consistency of a dryer sheet so wait until your baby starts on solid foods.

You can find (aff link) diaper liners here on Amazon or other cloth diaper sites for around 8-15 dollars. They also have reusable cloth diaper liners. Check out-out my post: Cloth Liners vs Disposable Diaper Liners if you want to learn more.

3. Small Tub Or Bin

Cloth Diaper Accessories

I’ve got a very small changing station area and grew tired of putting dirty diapers on the floor. I found this small tub at the dollar store and use it all the time. Now I have a nice place to put all of my dirty diapers/wipes without getting anything else dirty during a change.

I use it to dump wet diapers in the diaper pail and carry it to and from the restroom when a diaper needs to be sprayed. No need to worry about dripping water anywhere and best of all, it only cost a buck!

Click the image above to play the video.

4. Finger Guards

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These are one of the niftiest cloth diaper accessories I have seen! Diaper Dawgs are great for pulling soiled inserts out of your pocket diapers and holding onto your dirty diapers when you are spraying them off.

I also use these when dumping dirty diapers into my diaper pail to keep my fingers clean. Sometimes they even double as finger puppets. 🙂

They’re small and easy to store, I just hang them over the diaper tub when not in use. They go in with the diaper laundry every now and then to keep them squeaky clean. (Aff link) Diaper Dawgs are super cute and also affordable, costing around 8-13 bucks

5. All-In-One Diaper Sprayer

Diaper Dawgs Spray Collar

If you are planning on cloth diapering I absolutely recommend this all-in-one diaper sprayer from Diaper Dawgs. It may be a little bit of an upfront cost but makes cleaning cloth diapers sooooo much easier!

Once your baby starts on solids you’ll need to spray the majority of the poo off into the toilet, which is where a good diaper sprayer comes in handy. (Aff link) The Diaper Dawgs Diaper Sprayer Combo is the only one on the market that comes with its own spray shield aka (Spray Collar). The spray collar is small, clear, and attaches directly to the diaper sprayer for your convenience.

You’ll never have to re-assemble it like you would with the Spray Pal sprayer shield. This spray collar prevents you from spraying water all over the place, keeping the mess in the toilet where it belongs. It does take a little bit of practice to get the hang of, but once you do it’s awesome!

Click the image above to play the video.

The diaper sprayer is also very powerful, I don’t have to go over and over the diaper to get it clean like I did with my homemade sprayer.

I could go on and on about the awesomeness of this sprayer combo but I will save you some time. If you are interested in my full review of this product, and why I rate it as one of my number one recommended cloth diapering products… you can click Here!

6. Snappi & Boingo Diaper Fasteners

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If you decide to diaper with prefolds, flats, or some fitted cloth diapers then you must use a Boingo or Snappi fastener. They are MUCH easier to use than safety pins! Yes, you can still use safety pins like your grandmother did, but who wants to deal with that hassle?

(Aff link) Boingos’ are not only practical but they come in a lot of funky colors and last from birth to potty. (Aff link) Snappi’s stretch very nicely across the front of your prefold or flat, keeping it nice and secure before putting on a waterproof cover. You can also bring the rubber part over the claws or grips when not in use.

Boingos and Snappi’s are very affordable, you can purchase these diaper fasteners for under 15 bucks. If you want to learn more about these two diaper fasteners, you can check out my post: Snappi Vs Boingo.

Click the image above to play the video.

7. Wet Bags

Cloth Diaper Accessories

Where would us cloth diapering moms be without our wet bags? They are extremely convenient for traveling and storing your soiled cloth diapers or clothes. They come in a variety of styles/prints and they come in different price ranges, closures, and sizes. Wet bags are pretty much fancy plastic bags that you can use over and over. They lock in the stink and moisture from your dirty diapers and some of them even have a dry pocket to put extra things.

They are a must for traveling and not only for soiled diapers! You can store dirty clothes, pumping supplies, cloth pads, and other items that you don’t want leaking out in your diaper bag. When your baby gets older you can use them to store wet clothes, swimsuits, wet wipes, or snacks. I recommend having at least two wet bags so you can rotate them. You can find affordable wet bags on Amazon or order custom ones on Etsy.

I love Logan + Lenora wet bags, they are so stylish! You can check out my affiliate link image if you would like to purchase your own wet bags. 

8. Double Dooty Wipes

Click the image above to play the video.

Again, here is another fabulous product from Diaper Dawgs that makes cloth diapering easier! These are no ordinary cloth wipes, they feature a pocket which helps to protect your hand from getting dirty during diaper changes.

These bad boys are made out of a soft bamboo blend and come in a set of six. They have a longer sleeve on one side that you can easily grab to turn inside-out. This keeps the poo contained within the wipe. Turning it inside out also prevents any poo from getting all over the inside of your wet bag or from touching anything else.

Double Dooty cloth wipes are also very versatile, you can clean more than bums with these suckers. I like to use these for wiping down toilet lids and ceiling fans as well.

For around 10 bucks for a set, I believe every cloth diapering mom should have a few of these in her diaper bag!

9. Poopoose “Wiggle Free” Changing Pad

Click the image above to play the video.

This is seriously one of my favorite baby products on the market. I received one of these to review some time ago and it has made cloth diapering so much easier! I realize this isn’t exactly a cloth diapering accessory, but I thought I’d add it to the list because it makes diaper changes in general much less of a hassle.

The (Aff link) Poopoose Changing Pad has a strap that can be removed for washing which is convenient. The strap is thick, soft, and comes with adjustable velcro which keeps your child from wiggling around during changes.

Most changing pads have a thin strap that doesn’t keep your child properly secured causing changing table accidents. The Poopoose keeps them from wiggling around, making diaper changes safer. It takes a few extra seconds to secure cloth diapers and this strap gives you that and allows for additional grooming.

With my old changing pad, my child would wiggle and scoot himself backward, making a huge mess. Once I started locking him down in this sucker, it seemed to calm him down and now he would enjoy playing with the strap while I’m changed him.

If you’re expecting or know someone who is expecting, I strongly recommend registering for your own Poopoose changing pad! You can check out my full review here: Poopoose Review. 

10. Clip Hanger or Drying Rack 

drying rack

I use my clip hanger every single time I do diaper laundry and even regular laundry. I strongly encourage getting one or a drying rack of some sort. When you cloth diaper sometimes you will want to air dry your diapers to save on energy or to protect your more delicate diapers.

Clip hangers allow you to hang diapers or clothes in one convenient location within your house. They’re also portable so you can move them outside or close to a window if you are looking to sun your diapers. I like to use these for my covers, diaper pail liners, and wet bags, inserts, cloth pads, and delicate clothes.

There’re many types of clip hangers and drying racks to choose from, I chose to use the Witmor Clip & Drip Hanger and it’s held up for over 3 years! I’ve ordered two and strongly recommend them!

Clip hangers are a great space saver if you live in an apartment and like to air dry a lot of your clothes. You can hang them on your shower rod in the bathroom if you’re short on space.

For under 15 bucks each, the price is well worth it! 

Drying rack
LOFTi™ is a clothes drying rack that suspends from the ceiling by an easy-to-use pulley system. This is another great option for drying your diapers or clothes inside without taking up a ton of space! 

So there you have it, my top ten cloth diapering accessories that have made cloth diapering much easier. I hope I have helped you discover some awesome accessories. Have you used any of these mentioned above? What are your favorite cloth diaper accessories?

Let me know in the comments below!

Cloth Diaper Accessories
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