Post may contain affiliate links. Are you wanting to dive into the cloth pad world but not sure where to start? Check out these Charlie Banana pads! These are the *super feminine* variety, built for heavy flow. They are easy to clean, extremely comfortable, and very absorbent. In this review I will show you exactly why I think these are a great option to begin with or add to your stash! 

About Charlie Banana

Charlie Banana is a well known cloth diaper company that also makes a line of reusable menstrual pads and other eco-friendly products. After many years in the Toy and Juvenile industries, Gaëlle Wizenberg, president of Winc Design Limited, decided to create Charlie Banana®, a collection of baby and children’s products that combine eco-friendliness, quality, and design in one brand. In creating Charlie Banana®, Gaëlle drew inspiration from her own two children: her son, Zachary, and her daughter, Charlie or “Charlie Banana” as Zachary calls her. It’s with great joy that Charlie Banana® comes to life.

*Super Feminine* Charlie Banana Pads

Charlie Banana currently offer four types of cloth pads. They have regular feminine pads for medium days, super feminine for heavy flow / overnight use, and super + for really heavy flow or postpartum. They also carry cloth pad liners. All of their pads come in a set of three and include a mini wet bag. The pads are made with a waterproof polyester material on the back and the inner lining is toped with fleece. This material is very soft and helps you to feel dry because it naturally wicks away the moisture from your skin. The super feminine pads (the ones I reviewed) are about 9.5 inches long and all of the pads are 3 inches wide. Each pad has a snap to keep them secure and from sliding around and they all have a small Charlie Banana tag sewn onto the back. Here is a nice chart of all of the Charlie Banana pad size ranges.

Charlie Banana Pads

The Super Feminine pads were very absorbent and comfortable. They didn’t slide around during normal to light activities. They also didn’t have a horrible odor after using like disposable pads do. The width was perfect for me, not too wide and not too thin. They were pretty easy to clean and surprisingly stain resistant even though the absorbent part is white. They come in several different solid color options and a few floral prints.

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Cleaning Charlie Banana Pads

Cleaning my Charlie Banana cloth pads wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I always thoroughly rinse the pads off using my diaper dawgs spray collar. It does most of the work for me! Sometimes I rinse them off by hand and then I rub a little bit of Oxi-Clean on them. The Oxi is what prevented the pads from staining at least in my experience. I keep them in a hanging wet bag until laundry day, then I throw them in with my cloth diapers and hang dry. If you don’t cloth diaper just make sure to use a perfume free detergent and don’t use any fabric softener with them.


These pads were pretty amazing and I loved them way more than disposable pads. They are 10 times more comfortable and the wings didn’t crinkle and get stuck on one another. The only thing I have to say is that they were a little warm for the summer time. If you are going to be running out and about on a hot day I would prefer to use a menstrual cup or more breathable cloth pad option. I would also like to see Charlie Banana introduce more fun and bold print options. It might be nice if they started offering organic cotton or bamboo options, although they wouldn’t wick the moisture away like the fleece lined pads.

Why Choose Cloth Pads?

Reusable menstrual pads are a great option if you have any skin allergies or sensitivities. Disposables are filled with toxins and chemicals that are absorbed through our skin. Cloth pads are healthier and a lot more comfortable. Even though the cost of cloth pads are initially higher upfront, you will save a lot of money in the long run. If you are looking to just start your cloth pad stash, I suggest getting Charlie Banana pads. They are super comfortable, easy to clean, and they come in a set of three. You also get a free mini wet bag all for around 20 bucks, that is a great deal!

If you are interested in trying out these Charlie Banana pads, you can check out my affiliate link image!

Charlie Banana Pads

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