Post may contain affiliate links. The PooPoose changing pad is able to completely secure and soothe your little wiggly one, making diaper changes much more safe and convenient! In this review I compare the PooPoose to your standard changing pad. Learn why this product has become one of my top 10 favorite baby items!

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About The Poopoose Changing Pad

Dana Fort

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The PooPoose changing pad was created by Brian and Dana Fort who are currently in the medical field. The PooPoose was inspired when their own little one kept trying to wiggle away during diaper changes. Drawing inspiration from the PaPoose; a medical device designed to safely restrain children for various medical procedures, the PooPoose was created in 2012. Brian noticed a lot of children were being injured from falling off their changing table so they created the PooPoose to prevent that from happening.

What It’s Made From

The outer cover is made from a medical grade and toxin free material. It’s wipeable and features a zipper. The inside is made from 100% recyclable materials which can be dropped straight into your recycle bin if the changing pad is ever damaged. You can repurpose the wipeable cover by using it as a store bag. Currently Poopoose is manufactured here in the United States.

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How It Works

This unique baby Changing mat has a very wide, soft and removable strap. When the strap gets soiled you can remove it for washing which is very convenient! The strap is secured by adjustable aplix or what is known as Velcro. The changing pad is made to comfortably secure your child so that all diaper changes will be more convenient and safe.


PooPoose offers several different changing pad covers in a soft minky fabric. They currently offer pastel pink, bright pink, soft blue, bright blue, soft gray, and white. The removable strap is in soft white and can be replaced if your strap is lost or damaged.

Why Poopoose?

I give this product a 9/10 because of how much easier it is for me to do diaper changes. Before the PooPoose changing pad I had a standard changing mat and my child was starting to wiggle and scoot himself backwards. He would cry and throw huge temper tantrums making poopy diaper changes nearly impossible. The PooPoose’s strap not only holds him in place but soothe him as well. I think the soft strap helps the child to feel secure like the swaddling technique.

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The product is nearly perfect in my eyes but since it’s fairly new to the market I think it has a few kinks to work out before it’s 100% awesome. When I first reviewed this pad I found the safety tabs in the back to be just a tad too short. The PooPoose changing pad cover I was sent did not fit around the pad completely, an elastic bottom would make for a more perfect fit. The changing pad cover options were extremely limited at the time of my review. They only offered muted colors like pastel pink, blue, gray, and white. I wanted to see more bold prints and brighter colors. All of these things were discussed with the owners and they have taken steps to improve everything and have come out with new pad cover options. I’m super excited about what they will be coming out with next! A+ PooPoose, Great Product!!!

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