Post may contain affiliate links. Are you looking for a diapering system that is affordable, stylish and easy to use? Buttons Diapers offer a wide variety of colors and prints to choose from along with different types of soaker pads that conveniently snap in. You can also use these covers with just about anything, prefolds, fitted diapers, or your own inserts!

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My Updated Review

Hemp Isn’t My Thing
I have found that the hemp inserts tend to hold onto stink so I prefer using the Buttons microfiber inserts instead. A lot of people love hemp and it works for them. For some reason, I have trouble getting hemp completely odor-free unless I wash it more often and use bleach.

I thought in the beginning that I would prefer the hemp because I love natural fibers so I purchased more hemp than the microfiber. Once I realized I preferred the microfiber, I didn’t have enough of them to use with all of my Buttons covers.

I now use my charcoal bamboo inserts with my flat or prefold cloth diapers in a pad fold with my Buttons covers. This combination works great and it keeps Asher from leaking. I hope that Buttons comes out with an organic cotton option in the future.

Buttons Now Offer Prefolds! (Update Dec 2017)
Amy has is now offering Buttons Diapers Prefolds and I am in love!

If you’re going to fold the prefold around your baby. I would recommend using prefolds with Thirsties Duo covers or wool covers if you want to use that type of system. Those type of covers are wider than Buttons covers and allow for more bulk. Buttons work best with their inserts or other types of inserts.

They’re Interchangeable!
You can actually snap-in inserts from Best Bottoms, their inserts are interchangeable with Buttons covers, which is amazing balls.

In the beginning, I wasn’t crazily impressed with the prints that were offered. I loved that they had an array of colors, though. Lately, Buttons Diapers have been coming out with tons of cute prints and I adore them!

I also want to note that the owner of Buttons Diapers, (Amy) has been a joy to work with and she offers fantastic customer service.

What Is an AI2 Style Cloth Diaper?

Buttons cloth diapers are what you call an all in two (AI2) style cloth diaper. Unlike the all in one (AIO) where the insert is sewn into the diaper shell, AI2’s come in two separate parts. They have a waterproof diaper shell or cover where you will snap in your insert or soaker. Sometimes the diaper shells and inserts are sold separate and sometimes they come together. The benefit of AI2 is that you can wash and dry the two parts separately which is nice if you prefer to hang dry your covers. You can also mix & match or choose your own type of soaker if you don’t like the insert option that comes with the diaper.

The Diaper Shell

Buttons Diapers covers are waterproof and feature double gussets. These are fantastic at locking in breastfed poop. They have a double layer of PUL and the inner lining is extremely soft. There is elastic in the front and the back of the diaper shell, allowing you to easily stretch the tabs. The front of the diaper has a three snap rise that you will adjust as your child grows. Buttons diaper shells also feature crossover snaps which are great for fitting smaller wasted babies. Buttons Diapers should fit your baby anywhere from 8-35 pounds on average. The diaper shell fits a little lower then most diaper covers. Buttons diapers come in a large variety of colors and a few stylish prints.

Tiny Prints - Birth Announcements and More

Buttons Diapers Inserts

The inserts are made from microfiber or hemp and come in a small or large size. They snap right into the diaper shell keeping them from shifting around. They offer doublers that allow you to snap the daytime inserts on top for extra absorbency at night. The tops of the daytime inserts are lined with a moisture wicking fleece material. Buttons inserts seem to dry fairly quickly compared to GroVia soakers. The hemp inserts take longer to dry than the microfiber ones. You can also pair a Buttons Diapers shell with a fitted, prefold, or your own insert of choice.

Why Choose Buttons Diapers?

I love Buttons Diapers because they are very affordable for the quality that you receive. These are easy cloth diapers to use and they have a lot of colors, prints, and insert options to choose from. The customer service and attention to detail is superior. Amy (the owner) has been very good to answer any questions or concerns I have had.

If you are interested in giving Buttons Cloth Diapers a try, you can check out my affiliate image link!


Buttons diapers not only offer cloth diapers but a variety of cloth diapering accessories as well. They have diaper pail liners, cloth wipes, wet bags, and more. I was able to do a review on a couple of their cloth diapering accessories a few months ago. If you are interested in that you can click the image below to view the post.

Changing Pad

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